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Hudson’s Micro10x™ Robotic Dispenser provides a combination of fast filling speeds, high accuracy, and extreme flexibility ordinarily found only among large, expensive liquid handling robots. The Micro10x accurately dispenses liquids in volumes down to low microliter range, and is the only small dispenser capable of tip-touchoff to ensure a clean dispense of high surface-tension fluids. Its positive-displacement pump head is adjustable in increments of 10nL, and never requires recalibration.  The pump is available in two different sizes (0.25″ or 0.375″ barrel) to maximize accuracy at low and high volumes.

Combining the best features of its predecessors, the Micro1 and Micro10, Hudson’s Micro10x represents a new generation in benchtop liquid dispensers. It has full robotic control of the filler head, and automatically adjusts to the height AND well-pattern of any SBS-standard microplate: from low-profile 1536-well plates to tall, 96-well deep-well plates.

The Micro10x can be loaded and operated manually, but is also fully-compatible with robot loading systems (such as Hudson’s PlateCrane EX). And, because the filler head itself moves, not the plate, it can be used IN-LINE with Hudson’s LabLinx high-performance track system for unparalleled throughput and ease of setup.

The Micro10x offers:

  • Touch Screen programming on a new LCD Display which is small, easy to read, and very responsive to the finger.  The new pendant includes a positive mounting bracket on the base unit.
  • Graphical Image Row Selection to control the dispening pattern
  • 96-, 384- and 1536-well filling
  • microliter volumes dispensed 50% faster than its 8-tip counterparts
  • Tip Touch capability to touch-off droplets

Hudson’s Micro10x was designed to meet the needs of high throughput laborotary dispensing requiring economical, highly-accurate μL-level dispensing. Its positive-displacement pump head and tip-touchoff capability overcomes differences in fluid viscosity and surface tension so that results are consistent regardless of the fluid being dispensed.

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