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The Hudson SOLO™ is a low cost, flexible and easy-to-use automated pipettor. Available in single, 8 and 12 channel options the SOLO can be programmed to do anything expected of a hand-held pipettor, with greatly improved precision (see the Specifications tab).

Simply set up the pipetting steps in intuitive SOLOSoft control software and go. Equipped with a broad dynamic volume range and the ability to handle reactions in a sterile environment, the SOLO can be loaded and operated manually, and is also compatible with robot loading systems from most manufactures, including the Hudson PlateCrane EX.

The SOLO was developed to meet the growing need throughout the research, pharmaceutical and clinical communities for a high resolution compact robotic pipettor. The SOLO provides researchers with walkaway freedom, a small footprint, and easy to use SOLOSoft software which is closely linked to our SoftLinx™ software for data tracking and scheduling, plus improved efficiency and decreased cost of continuous unattended operation.

The SOLO – multi-tip is available with either an 8-tip pipette head or 12-tip pipette head.  The SOLO is standard with a 6 position deck. No worries if you need to transfer samples quickly from plate to plate and then other times do a serial dilution across the plate.  The SOLO easily adapts without any tools to both heads. Use the 12-tip head to finish plate to plate transfers 50% faster than the 8-tip head, remove the head and add the 8 position head for easy serial dilutions.

Users who wish to cherry-pick from individual wells can use either the single-tip SOLO (as shown in the video clip below) or the multi-tip configuration.  The SOLO multi-tip (both 8-channel and 12-channel) can work with just 1 tip, several tips, or all the tips without any issues. There is no need to switch to a single tip pipette head.

The SOLO mutli-tip offers a broad pipetting range. The mechanical drive and software controls of the pipette head allow the SOLO to push the boundaries of pipetting performance. With CVs of less than 3% across the entire pipetting range users can save valuable time and expense by using a single pipette head for both multi-tip and single-tip operations.

The SOLO automated pipettors provide many benefits to the lab:

  • Single-, 8- & 12-channel pipetting heads are available.
  • The 8- & 12-channel SOLO instruments can use only 1 tip without compromising performance saving valuable time and expense.
  • The SOLO offers many pipetting option to give the SOLO user the ability to dispense accurate  volumes (from 500nL to 10ml) with CVs better than 3%.
  • A 6 position deck is standard, offering 50% more capacity.
  • The SOLO offers email functionality in the software that alerts the user when a run is completed or that an error has occurred.
  • The SOLO can easily be integrated with additional instruments and software at anytime.
  • The SOLO is easily customized for unique or specialized applications.


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