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AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

GBC is a world leader in the development and manufacture of atomic absorption spectrometers, with over forty years of experience in supplying the needs of the global elemental analysis market.

The current range of AA spectrometers includes the superlative SavantAA series, offering fully automated multi-element capabilities for flame, hydride and/or furnace with D2 background correction. The SavantAA Zeeman offers second generation Zeeman Effect Graphite Furnace analyses.

The SavantAA is the 5th generation AAS from GBC. It draws on a long tradition of excellence in design. The SavantAA atomic absorption spectrometer is a fully automated analyser capable of handling hundreds of samples per day.

There are three SavantAA models, the SavantAA, SavantAA Σ AAS and the SavantAA Z enduro. The SavantAA also comes in a No Flame version without a gasbox allowing a furnace or hydride dedicated analyser without flame capability.

The powerful SavantAA software allows unprecedented instrument control and data manipulation whilst following all the regulatory QC protocols and CFR 21 compliance. All SavantAAs have USB communications for today’s computer requirements.

The XplorAA is lightweight for Easy Portability.
For all AAS ranges there is a complete range of accessories available to further expand the capability of these instruments including graphite furnace system, hydride system, mercury concentrator, lamps and auto samplers.

All controlled by our own fully featured Windows® based software.

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