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Laboratory Analysers Australia

Scientific laboratory equipment suppliers for the industrial,mining and environmental sectors.
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Laboratory Analysers Australia is an experienced and knowledgeable laboratory equipment supplier whose primary function is delivering quality scientific analysers to key operating sectors in Australasia.  We stock products and equipment for chemical, biological and life science based companies within Australia and the region.


Many of our staff have experience in working in commercial and government laboratories and so we understand the importance of precision, accuracy and efficiency in sample analysis. 


Our product offering includes a range of elemental laboratory analysers and a host of equipment to complement these, including our range of consumables.


Our team maintains a strong emphasis on reliable service and support; servicing small and large-scale clients, we pride ourselves on providing support, seven days a week.

Our History

Laboratory Analysers Australia (LAA) commenced as GBC Scientific in WA in the late 1980s.  The company initially focussed on the large-scale analytical testing employing predominantly Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) for metals analysis, including the sale and service of GBC instrumentation.

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Product Review

SDXhpld High Performance Liquid Dilution System

SDXhpld High Performance Liquid Dilution System

A New Spin On Proven Technology The SDXhpld system combines the ASX‑560 autosampler with a novel vortex mixing dilution accessory.

The SDX uses a high precision syringe pump for both aliquot and diluent, but goes an additional step to vortex mix the resulting dilution prior to sample introduction to ICP and ICP‑MS.

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MVX‑7100 μL Workstation

Expanding The Scope Of Measurement

The MVX-7100 μL Workstation is pushing the boundaries of ICP‑MS applications. The μL Workstation allows for sample volumes as low as 5 μL. Syringe driven rinse allows for stable low flow from < 1 μL/min to more traditional working flow rates of > 1 mL/min.

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MVX‑7100 μL Workstation

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