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SDXhpld High Performance Liquid Dilution System

A New Spin On Proven Technology The SDXhpld system combines the ASX‑560 autosampler with a novel vortex mixing dilution accessory.

The SDX uses a high precision syringe pump for both aliquot and diluent, but goes an additional step to vortex mix the resulting dilution prior to sample introduction to ICP and ICP‑MS.

Vortex mixing promotes homogenization of a sample to ensure accurate and precise analysis following dilution, whatever the sample matrix. This ability to fully homogenize a dilution mixture will improve data quality over in-line combination.

During normal operation the autosampler probe draws a sample which passes through the SDX module and continues to the ICP. For a dilution, the same probe is connected to a high resolution syringe pump for aliquot and diluent addition to the vortex mixing vessel.

Following measurement, any remaining sample is drained and the vortex vessel is cleaned.

The SDXhpld system can be set to rinse the vortex mixing vessel as many times as desired to ensure there is no carryover. The sample flow path and vortex mixing vessel are comprised completely of inert materials that are free of trace metals and easy to clean.

The SDXhpld uses an independent rinse source from the ASX‑560 Autosampler so that, if needed, a different rinse solution can be used for the autosampler probe versus the SDXhpld vortex mixing vessel.

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