Sample Preparation

Lab Equipment / Sample Preparation

Sample preparation products for chemical analysis.

The importance of sample preparation can never be understated as it is the most crucial step in any diagnostic process. At Laboratory Analysers Australia we understand the need for care in preparing samples for our clients in the civil, mining and industrial sectors, which is why we provide clients with premium instruments for their facilities.

Fusion has been a well-established sample preparation analysis method for years.

We also offer the G-series produced by Nieka®. Engineered for accuracy, this instrument is the perfect fit for the most demanding fusion laboratories. Downtime is your enemy and using the best tools is your only way to remain on top and deliver results on time.

Your laboratory can now produce the perfect results with superior AAS and ICP sample preparation that guarantees you can achieve great results every time. Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) samples need to be prepared with filtration, matrix matching and cleaning before analysis, which is where our innovative products show their premium quality.

For the first time in a gas flux instrument, the G-Series offers reliable temperature monitoring of the fusion process (patent pending).  Nothing has been left aside, from perfect monitoring to perfect fusion:  this will lead you to produce premium analytical results.

In the cases of sample preparation for XRF analysis, precision is paramount. The largest room for error arises from inadequate sample preparation and poor methodologies and our clients cannot risk laboratory or instrumental errors when their company reputation is riding on marginal analytical parameters.

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