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Equilab EQP-100

To obtain really representative results in RX or LIBS analysis requests preparing the samples to a high quality finish – very flat surfaces, regular, and without cracks-. The undertaking of the disks must guarantee a high degree of cohesion and stability. The EQP-100 Press is specially designed to obtain the best results in the manufacturing of pellets. Of robust and durable design, it is simple to use and very effective, and it is the only one in the market offering up to five working programs, simple and double cycle.

The EQP-100 Press can be programmed to apply pressure up to two times in the same process, offering the possibility of digitally regulating the time and the pressure, and the time elapsed in each pressing cycle; this time is necessary, in some cases, for the sample to purge occluded gases – these gases are, generally, the reason for irregularities or cracks the beads-. This capacity makes of it the optimum alternative in the case of difficult samples

Technical description
  • Method: pressure
  • Utilities: Cement Industry, Metallurgical Industry, Thermal Stations, Environmental Laboratories, Material Recovery Industries, Recycling Plants, Geology and Mineralogy, Ceramic Industry.
  • Speed control: Frequency variator 0/200Hz
  • Diameter of the sample: 40mm (other sizes under demand)
  • Maximum pressure: 40t
  • Engine power: 750W
  • Power Source: 220V
  • Consumables: Aluminium caps diam. 40 mm.
  • Dimensions: 40 cm (height) x 51 cm. (width) x 42 cm. (depth)
    Approximate weight: 75 kg
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