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Equilab F Series Induction Fluxer Units / Electric Fluxers

The new F1 and F2 induction fusion units have been specially developed to speed up and facilitate the process of preparation of glass disks for their analysis by XRF, and solutions for AA and ICP. Â They can produce, fast and accurately, beads and dissolutions with classical fluxes (Borates) as well as to undertake high quality fusions in non oxidized elements using peroxide. They are effective both in high and low temperatures. The unit can easily adapt to your production needs as it is designed to manage up to ten fusion modules with the same control unit, becoming this way a real Control and Production System of disks and solutions.

These are highly automated units with capacity to control and monitor in real time the fusion process of one or two samples simultaneously thanks to its exclusive constant temperature check system using optical pyrometers. The heating by electric induction in the F series represents a major technological progress in fusion units, as it is more precise, quicker, cleaner, and more reliable. It enables the user to reach high temperatures in just a few seconds and to effectively control the fusion temperature. A stirring system keeps the sample in continuous motion during the heating process to ensure an excellent homogenization of the same. The units have got 50 fusion and oxidation programs, all customizable, two cooling systems, one magnetic stirring system to stir solutions, and a gas extraction system.

One or several units can be controlled from the same control unit.

Technical description
  • Glass disks: up to 12 units per hour by each module
  • Dissolutions: up to 16 dissolutions per hour by each module
  • Fusions/oxidations (peroxide): up to 16 per hour and module
  • Applications: geological samples, cements, minerals, slags, ceramics, oxides, glass, metals, ferroalloys, sulphides, fluorides, alloys, etc.
  • Produces: glass disks for XRF / peroxide or pyrosulphide solutions / samples for AAs and ICP
  • Programs: 50 independent adjustable programs
  • Maximum consumption: 3000W (when heating two crucibles and two plates)
  • Power source: 230v 15A
  • Control: PC Control or Touch Screen 7.5” Custom Control
  • Cooling system: a – closed circuit / minichiller 300W / Open circuit / External circuit 1.5Â LPM
  • Working frequency: 130.. 160 KHz
  • Alimentaci Ã: 230V – 15A
  • Programmable elements: crucible stirring system / Crucible stirring angle / Solutions stirring angle / Cooling system with fan
  • Temperature control: 400 to 1200ºC limited by software
  • Software: Graphic and intuitive. Diagnosis and parameterization screens
  • Accessories: accepts crucibles and plates of alloys of platinum, zirconium, nickel
  • F1 Dimensions:
  • 42 cm (high) x 33.5 cm. (width) x 50 cm. (depth)
  • F1 Approximate weight: 20 kg
  • F2 Dimensions: 33 cm. (height) x 60 cm. (width) x 51 cm. (depth)
  • F2 Approximate weight: 43 kg.
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