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Equilab EQP-1 Manual Pellet Press

Obtaining truly representative results in RX or LIBS depends very much on the previous step, the manufacturing of the pellet. The Hydraulic Manual Pellet Press EQO-1 has been specially designed to achieve high quality pellets, homogeneous and stable. Able to apply pressure up to 20 tons, it is simple and safe to manage, and it occupies very little room in the laboratory.

The sample is placed in the chamber, specially designed for this purpose, then you lower the spindle and exert pressure progressively on the hydraulic lever until reaching the desired pressure – which you can control visually at all times with the analog gauge -. Once the level you wanted has been reached, the pressure is released through the pressure relief device, the plunger goes up and you can remove the pellet.

Technical description
  • Method: pressure
  • Prospect: cement industry, metallurgical industry, material recovery companies, Geology and Mineralogy, ceramics
  • Maximum pressure: 0 to 20 t
  • Sample diameter:  32 /40 mm. (other sizes and shapes under demand)
  • Consumables: aluminium cups   32 – 40 mm.
  • Dimensions: 50cm (height) x 22cm (width) x 23cm (depth)
  • Approximate weight: 20kg
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