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The ASX‑110FR and ASX‑112FR (Flowing Rinse) Micro Autosamplers each feature a compact size, protective cover and dual flowing rinse station that make them ideal for small volume samples in an ultra clean environment.



Space Saving Design: Compact footprint enables placement in front, on top, or next to the host instrument for maximum conservation of valuable laboratory bench space.

High Purity
Dual Flowing Rinse: The ASX‑110FR and ASX‑112FR utilize dual, continuous flow rinse stations, operable in gas-displacement or peristaltic pump mode, minimizing
sample contamination and carryover.

Contamination Resistant: All sample vials, racks, and trays are constructed of metal-free, acid-resistant, high-purity polymeric materials. In addition, the ASX‑110FR and ASX‑112FR each gave an integrated transparent enclosure to minimize sample contamination.

Adaptable: The ASX‑110FR and ASX‑112FR accommodate rack configurations allowing operation with sample volumes as low as 200 μL, and up to 14 mL.

Easy Access: Sample and racks may easily be accessed (during operation, if desired) through a hinged door, or by removing the entire anti contamination

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