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CO / CO2 / CH4 /HCHO analysis with CHROMA CO

A gas analyser using flame detection with a catalytic methanator module to analyse CO and CO2 for monitoring gas purity and electronic gas measurement.

A 19″ inch rack mountable chassis, 4U high. It has the ability to be used as a fully integrated system for automatic sample analysis as well as it is transportable for use at various sites. Our application flexibility allows the chromaCO start up to meet the customer’s specifications

The CHROMACO is an isothermal industrial gas chromatograph (isothermal column) dedicated to the analysis of CO, industrial hygiene, pure gas like N2.

As a fully automatic instrument, the CHROMACO allows unattended operation the commissioning 24/24.

The injection is made via a heated valve CO and CO2 are hydrogenated in CH4.

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