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Tekmar Torch Combustion TOC / TN analyser

The Torch is considered the premium TOC combustion analyser due to its many useful features and automated analysis processes. For example, it makes serial dilutions of stock standards to form a calibration curve and auto-dilute samples with concentrations above the calibration curve. The Torch also has an optional Total Nitrogen module and 3 different autosampler sizes to suit your laboratory’s specific needs. The Torch software has built-in diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities​. For a luxury but affordable TOC combustion analyser that you can just load and walk away, look no further than the Torch. You won’t regret it!

Here are a couple more features worth noting:

The Torch utilizes a patent pending Static Pressure Concentration (SPC) for the analysis of TOC/TN using high temperature combustion.

Maintenance is simplified by design allowing easy access to all areas of the unit.

All of these features and competitive price positioning make this system ideal in keeping costs down and maintaining productivity in the laboratory.



Pressurized detection, or static read, is a technique used for concentrating the CO2 produced by the oxidation of the sample. The technique can be used for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. In this section the basics of the pressurization technique will be described.

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